About Digital Camera Database

Digital Camera Database (digicamdb.com) provides useful and often hard to find technical data on 3805 digital cameras, both old and new. It was created out of need for a central place where you can easily look up specific camera characteristics such as sensor size, pixel pitch, pixel density, and more.

Usually, if you wanted to know the real sensor dimensions or pixels pitch and similar attributes, you would search the internet wide and far in hopes that someone has made all the calculations and posted them online. Or you could learn how to calculate them yourself. Either way, it was a lot of work, especially if you only wanted to compare a few cameras. That's the reason digicamdb.com was created. To provide all this info in one place, just a few clicks away.

Who runs this website?

This website is a one-man operation. It was created and is maintained by me, Gregor B. I'm an IT professional, who every now and again picks up his camera and annoys the people around him. I'm not a professional photographer, just an occasional hobbyist.

A lot of sweat and free time has been poured into the creation of this site and I sure hope you will find it valuable and helpful.

Thanks for stopping by!

Gregor B.

If you'd like to contact me, use the contact page or send me an email at info(at)digicamdb(dot)com.